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Trekking in the Zillertal Alps

Located in the Austrian Tyrol of the Eastern Alps, spanning the Austrian Italian border , the Zillertal embraces stunning green valleys headed by scores of shapely peaks of rock and snow. The beauty of the Zillertal cannot be overstated, with its superb scenery and excellent huts.

This second edition guide describes the classic Zillertal Rucksack Route, Hohen Weg, which traverses the very best of the range. It links together eight huts along good tracks without having the need to cross glaciers, providing a continous tour of around ten to twelve days.

The guide also describes the Zillertal South Tyrol Tour, a challenging 7 day tour through the rarely visited Italian side of the Zillertal.

En-route each tour provides ample opportunity to climb some of the local peaks adjacent to the huts. This will appeal to groups of mixed ability and those looking for a first Alpine season without the demands of the higher mountains of the western Alps.

Whatever your aspirations the Zillertal will not disappoint you.

Important Notices

The following posted at August 2017

Routes to and from getting onto the Floitenkees glacier for climbs on the Gr Loeffler and crossing to/from the Schwarzenstein hut are now due to retreat of the glacier extremely difficult.

The following notices are posted at the end of 2014

Zillertal Rucksack Route

Stage 4; Greizer Hut to the Berliner Hut, the photograph on page 79 shows the route going to the lefthand col/gap, this is in-correct and should show the route going to the righthand col/gap. The map however on page 78 is correct.

Stage 7; Olperer Hut to Friesenberberg Haus, page 112, info panel, ascent should read 245m

The following notes are as posted at the end of 2013

Zillertal Rucksack Route

Excursions from the Kasseler Hut                                                                                                      Page 64; Ascent of the Wollbach Spitze.  Due to a rockfall the ascent via the Wollbachjoch is no longer possible

See Cicerone Press website for updates on the huts and routes

Karl Von Edel Hut

Kasseler Hut

Greizer Hut

Berliner Hut

Furtschagl Haus

Olperer Hut

Friesenberg Haus

Pfitscherjoch Haus

Hochfeiler Hut

Edel Raute Hut

Chemnitzer Hut

Schwarzenstein Hut

Edel Raute Hut

Memories of sad times in the Sud Tyrol

The New Olperer Hut

On the Berliner Spitze

The Schwarzenstein




En route to Greizer Hut

En route to Furtschagl Haus

Giant boulders

See Cicerone Press Ltd;

See Austrian Alpine Club UK; also

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