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Allan Hartley

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Trekking in the Stubai Alps

Of the many Alpine areas, few can match the Stubai in the Austrian Tyrol as a venue for a first Alpine season.

Shapely peaks, good paths  and some of the best huts in the Alps make it ideal for novices who want to extend their experience beyond Britain.

This book, now in the third edition, describes two celebrated tours, both of which can be accommplished in eight to ten days.

  • The Stubai Rucksack Route

An ideal high alpine route for the mountain walker that links eight huts without having to cross glaciers.

  • The Stubai Glacier Route

Known as the Stubaier Gletscher Tour, this tour takes in the very best of the Stubai Alps, it is a hut to hut tour that crosses glaciers and offers opportunity to climb many of the local peaks.

Dear reader, the present third edition of this popular guide has now sold out. A Beta version is in preparation of being published by Cicerone that is due out towards the end of the year. The main changes are those that relate to the Stubai Glacier Tour.

Important Notices

The following notes are as posted at the end of 2013

Stubai Rucksack Route Alternative Start

Stage 1B; Page 61; Maria Waldrast to Padasterjoch Haus The route from the Kalbenjoch to the Kessel Spitze has been reinstated and is safe to use. However, the route from the Serlesjoch over the Lampermahd to the Kessel Spitze remains as is, being difficult and definitely for the experienced only.

Stage 1C; Page 64; Padasterjoch Haus to the Innsbrucker Hut                                                                As a slightly easier alterrnative, from the Hammer Scharte take the trail along the Rohrauersteig, straight foward initially but more difficult ground half way, make use of your improvised harnes, then descend over easier ground to Issenangeralm. At the Alm have the guardian call Neustift Funk Taxi to take you to Keralm, thus avoiding a two hour trudge up the Pinnistal valley.

Stubai Rucksack Route

Stage 2; Page 73; Innsbrucker Hut to the Bremer Hut                                                                         Much of the route now benefits from having new wires and staples. In the Simming Alm basin there is a sign that says the alternative route via the Lauterer See is Gesprutt and closed due to a rock fall.

Stage 5; Page 92; Sulzenau Hut to the Dresdner Hut via the Gr Trogler                                                   The route benefits from having new wires fitted.

Stubai Glacier Tour

Stage 5; Page 141; Hildesheimer Hut to the Mueller Hut                                                                  Traverse of the Zuckerhutl via the Pfaffenschneide Ridge, sadly this is no longer possible except with good snow cover, the rocks are extremely loose making the entire route difficult and dangerous.

Stage 6; Page 151; Muller Hut to thge Nurnberger Hut                                                                      Escape Routes page 157, the descent to the Sulzenau Hut via the Pfaffenneider no longer exists, the ice cliffs have collapsed taking the rocks with it. The descent from Becher Haus to the Nurnberger Hut via Freiger Scharte is now steep, difficult and dangerous since most of the glacier has gone and the rock is just rubble. In poor weather the safest situation is to stay put at the Muller Hut or Becher Haus, if bad weather persists then descend to the Teplitzer Hut.

Hut Directory

Bremer Hut                                                                                                                                        The hut has a new huttenwirt, Georg and Anni Segar/ Bremer Huette/Mauern 66/ A-6150 Steinach in Tirol/ Austria/ tel 0043 664 272 8071

Muller Hut                                                                                                                                         New telephone numbers Heidi 0043 699 186 78965, Lukas 0039 329 234 6943

Sulzenau Hut                                                                                                                                     The hut will have a new huttenwirt in 2014 from the Schopf family, details to be confirmed

End of update

Check Cicerone Press for updates of huts and routes

Selection of photographs

Franz Senn Hut at dawn

Smiling faces await

Bremer Hut

Dresdner Hut

Franz Senn Hut

Innsbrucker Hut

Nurnberger Hut

Sulzenau Hut



Mair Spitze

Near Sulzenau Hut

Wilder Freiger


On the Wilder Freiger

On the Wilder Freiger

See Cicerone Press Ltd;

See Austrian Alpine Club UK; also



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