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Snow Shoeing

If you are interested in snow shoeing read on for some really useful tips!!


Forget the stereotyping of having tennis rackets strapped to your feet as snow shoeing is a brilliant way to see the mountains in all their glory in the full depth of winter.

Unless you ski, it really is very hard to move through the mountains when blanketed in deep snow. Snow shoes overcome this problem, they will allow you to visit terrain that is scenically stunning, but best of all very little additional skills are required beyond learning to walk the walk and use some new pieces of kit and equipment.

Snow Shoe Essentials comprising a set of shoes, a pair of trekking poles fitted with snow bales/baskets, an avalanche probe, a snow shovel and most important an avalanche transeiver device.

Make sure your transeiver is strapped close to your chest and not stowed in your rucksack.

Ailsa Murray shows how it should be!

Make sure you know how to use

your transeiver before getting

caught up in an avalanche?


Remember to check your bindings whenever you stop?

These only belong in a museum

 Allan Hartley organises an annual snow shoeing trip each year through the OeAV Bergsteigerschule.


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