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Allan Hartley

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It is almost impossible to list everything that I have as a catalogue. If there is anything within the following headings that you are interested in, please leave a message on the contact page. Thank you.

As per other notes, I have lost a lot of images recently due to the site going dead for almost two months, this along with folk thinking its OKAY to lift images for their own use without my permission. Please dont try to thieve stuff its just not polite and if I do find you I will prosecute you for theft. As I say and continue to say if there are photographs you want please get in touch.


Austria: Abu Dhabi, Burma, Cambodia, Crete, Dubai, Egypt, France, Falkland Islands, Iran, Italy, India, Jordan, Laos, Malaysia, Madeira, Nepal, Pakistan, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, England, Norway, Canary Isles.

United Kingdom

Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Hadrians Wall, Conwy Castle,


Birds, Wild Flowers, Butterflies and other bugs.


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