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Allan Hartley

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Mountain Leader

 Welcome to my Mountain Leader page where hopefully I'll persuade you to come along to learn and practice some of the essential skills to safely wander the hills and mountains of our green and pleasant land.

When we grow up or move to new places we quickly learn to pick-up familiar landmarks, such as streets, shops, pubs to find our way about and get home safely. Out in the countryside is no different except we have to learn a new set of skills which we call Navigation.

The way I work is to try and make it fun, no pressure, no stress just fun with people wanting to learn.

For navigation I provide two levels of skills. Essential Navigation to learn the basic craft and More Navigation to build on developing the craft to a higher confident level.

Essential Navigation

More Navigation

The essence of essential navigation is to learn

  • About maps
  • About compasses
  • About timing and pacing
  • About route selection
  • About distance, direction and detail
  • About Navigating in poor weather.
  • About contours and natural features.
  • About ground interpretation

More Navigation is about building on the skills of

essential navigation and developing the craft.

  • Using the techniques of Aiming off and hand railing
  • Making use of aspect of slope
  • Use of natural features
  • Difficult ground strategies
  • Hazard awareness
  • Night and poor visibility
  • Use of altimeters




 See; The British Association of Mountain Leaders.

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