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Books and Publications

As per entries elsewhere, I have lost content from all three guidebooks due to my website going dead on me for the past two months. Off concern is that I have lost the Important Notices bulletin posted for each guidebook. Apart from this site the same notice is posted on the Cicerone Press website. Please check it out as I work to reinstate each page.

At present I have a trilogy of books for hut to hut touring through the Austrian Alps with a fourth in preparation.

The books describe multi-day tours with opportunity to climb some of the local peaks. The tours are described as "Rucksack Routes" that require no additional equipment beyond a rucksack and "Glacier Tours" which by their description highlight the fact that you will need mountaineering equipment to undertake them.

Each area is visually stunning with the best hut system in the alps that provide good simple accommodation and excellent food.

The books can be purchased direct from me, through a retailer or from Cicerone Press who publish them.


Trekking in the Stubai Alps

This guide describes two hut to hut tours the Stubai Rucksack Route or Runde Tour and the Stubai Glacier Route which by its nature takes in the very best of the Stubai's, peaks, passes and glaciers.


Trekking in the Hohe Tauern

This guide embraces three areas that form part of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

  • The Reichen Group
  • The Venediger Group
  • Gross Glockner Group

Within each group of mountains there are familiar Rucksack Routes and Glacier Tours together with the Glockner Round Tour and linking each group the opportunity to Traverse the entire range including climbs on the local peaks including the Gross Glockner and Gross Venediger.


Trekking in the Zillertal Alps.

This guide describes traversing the Zillertal Rucksack Route or Hoehen Weg high level path that links eight huts together without having the need to cross glaciers but with ample opportunity to climb local peaks

Trekking in the Alps

If you are looking out for ideas and an inspirational read then check this book out. The book is a compilation of 20 classic routes from eight authors of which I am one.


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