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Mountain days


An exercise in steep difficult ground.


Prior to undertaking my "Mountain Leader" training I thought I was a pretty competant sort of guy who knew his way around the mountains, after all I'd climbed lots of times in the Alps, been up and down Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro several times so obviously I knew what I was doing. WRONG!

At the start of my "ML" journey I quickly learnt that there were lots of things I was not very good at and if that applied to me then it would apply to to lots of folk I see wandering the mountains and moorland.

This particular "Mountain Day" is based on a typical day of mountain leader training with the sole objective of making each participant more aware and confident.

  • Equipment. Rucksacks and whats in the bag?
  • Navigation skills. Do you really know how to use that map and compass?
  • Route planning. Are you sure you can cope? Are you biting off more than you can chew?
  • Are you confident to get off the beaten track?
  • Can you cope with steep ground? You will come across it sooner or later.
  • Weather considerations. Do you have that bit of savvy to work out what the weather is going to do?
  • What are you going to do when your friend slips on wet grass and sprains an ankle?
  • And more.

See; British Association of International Mountain Leaders;

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