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Allan Hartley

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The Middle East

Perhaps I should say more correctly the area around the Arabian Gulf particularly the United Arab Emirates with Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the Sultanate of Oman legendary home of Sinbad the Sailor.

Dubai, everybody loves Dubai, great shops, good beaches but its the hustle and bustle of the Creek with the coming and going of the Dhows that everything in Dubai is owed to the dynamics of trade.

The Creek


The Gold Suq

The Spice Suq

Three Towers

Burj Al Arab

Bastakia Wind Towers

Burj Al Khalifa

Abu Dhabi, the quiet reserve of the Emirates principle city. 

Golden sands along the Corniche

Sultanate of Oman, home of Sinbad the sailor and Jewel of the Middle East


Royal Palace

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

 Shopping-The Suq

Fish Suq

Muttrah Suq

Veg Suq

Friendly Faces



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